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It is time to renew your NISOA Referee and or your NISOA Assessor Registration for the 2015 College soccer season.

Please use this web site to get your local NISOA registration form, which you are to complete and return before December 31, 2014.

It is extremely important for you return the form before the deadline in order to prepare your registration information and forward

it to the NISOA Associate Director of Memberships.


NISOA requests and expects your 2015 renewal is completed by 12/31/2014.  We ask your cooperation and to find the time to register early this year.   In addition, the 2015 NISOA physical fitness tests may be scheduled earlier next year so not to conflict with individual referee summer vacations and to assist NISOA with administrative training needs. Expect to see more and more information sent electronically,

so make sure you’re emails are included and up-to-date. 


NISOA fees and dues structure for 2012 through 2015 is noted on our local NISOA referee renewal form. A late fee ($20) will be assessed by NISOA for membership registration forms postmarked after January 1, 2015.  NISOA Policy Code No. 900.11


The Southern California local chapter dues is $15.00 to cover the additional costs for an Athletic Trainer and an ambulance in

attendance at each physical fitness clinic.


Note from NISOA: If an official rejoins NISOA after a layoff, the official must pay an additional $40 per year, two years maximum.  If not, the official must apply to become a new member.  Inactive Membership may not exceed a period of more than one year. 



1. A request from the local Chapter contact requesting inactive status for said member must be sent to the NISOA Associate Director for Membership and Awards.

2. Inactive membership may not exceed a period of more than one year.  If more than one year, the member will be dropped from both NISOA and local Chapter rolls. The individual  then will be handled as a new member making application.

3. An inactive member is not eligible for officiating assignments nor will he/she hold any local or national office within NISOA.

4  Any member who was suspended and is now being reinstated will be handled as a new member making application.  The new uniform kit may be waived by the chapter if the individual has appropriate uniforms in good condition.


If you need a new NISOA patch, send a check for $5.50 to:

Joe Rivetti, NISOA Registrar 17171 Armstead Street Granada Hills, CA 91344

Make check out to NISOA, no postage fees required.

NISOA Social Media Guidelines

NISOA has adopted a new policy (Policy Code 700.26) for its member with regards to Social Media.  Whether or not a member of NISOA chooses to create or participate in a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or any other form  of online publishing or discussion in his or her own decision. NISOA recognizes that emerging online platforms are fundamentally changing the way individuals and organizations communicate.  This policy is designed to offer guidance for responsible use of social media channels.  See the attachment for the full policy.


NISOA Social Media Policy guidelines – see the attachment


 NISOA / OSI Uniforms and Apparel.

The contract with OSI has been renewed for six years.  OSI will remain as the official supplier of NISOA uniforms and apparel.  All NISOA uniforms are to be purchased through OSI.


Penalty Marker Vanishing Spray Foam through OSI:  White vanishing spray is applied to the field to provide a temporary visual marker for use by referees.  One 4 oz. can is $8.95.

The vanishing spray holster with hook & loop closure is $9.95.